A downloadable museum for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Auto Museum 64 is a virtual museum featuring cars, boats, and other vehicles from 20 racing games in the Nintendo 64 library. Using an emulator, extraction software, and a 3D modeling program these vehicles have been lifted out of their games of origin and recreated under one roof. These vehicles represent the hard work of hundreds of artists over many studios and are credited herein. This is meant as an educational showcase of late 90's polygonal art specific to racing games of the era.


WASD: Move

Mouse: Look

Right Click: Zoom

Space Bar: Jump

Escape: Quit Game

Update v1.1: Fixed Hydro Thunder Banshee model, doubled jump power and halved gravity so players can better see tops of bigger vehicles. Made a mac build

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)


AutoMuseum64_Win_v1.1.zip 24 MB
AutoMuseum64_Mac_v1.1.zip (not MacOS Catalina compatible, thanks Tim Cook!) 27 MB
AutoMuseum64_Linux_v1.1.zip 36 MB


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is there a windows 32bit version?

no. there's no 32bit version. are you using 32bit computer?


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I just discovered this project, and would LOVE to see vehicles from even more N64 racing games added in, especially the ones mentioned in other comments.

What a great idea!

My full playthrough of the game; please be sure to give it a like, share & subscribe too. Thank you if you did! (If you want to talk to me, as I don't talk via comments, then please check my profile on here on how to message me)

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I'm offended it doesn't include any car from the Cruisn' series :(  Loved SF Rush, though, memories. They looked so awesome back then. *shared with all my old buddies*!

Thank you!!

PS. Any chance of doing that with PS1 games? 

There isn't any pod racers from Star Wars Episode 1 Racer or anymore cars from Destruction Derby 64, as that game had a lot of other cars to choose from.

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Absolutely fantastic. A truly unique idea, and one I hope that is repeated for other consoles and genres. Being able to admire these objects from my favourite game genre on my favourite console, up close, in my own time is pure joy. 

It's also very cool to understand the scale of these vehicles - seeing the Hydro Thunder hovercraft next to the GT 64 cars, Wipeout racers and Xtreme G bikes in the shadow of the Monster Madness trucks is a really unique experience. 

I can't express how happy this makes me, and the "how models are extracted" board is an excellent additional touch. If you make any more of these, or even inspire others to do the same, there will be a very grateful audience!

Thank you :)

Ps. Is there a way to donate or make a token gesture of appreciation?

Amazing work, I wish I had more reverence for N64 racers but they almost all passed me by. Please consider working on other platforms' games if you have as much interest in them!

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This is a beautiful jump into the memory lane, fills me with nostalgia. Thanks a lot for making this!
Though, for some reason this is running poorly on my Macbok Pro 2012 even at low settings.

EDIT: still thinking a lot about this. I would love to help improve it, so if you may need something, don't mind asking.


I can't help feeling a deep saudade, recalling the insatiable high of breakin' loose on lombard street or boosting through a blue lagoon...

I imagine it's way beyond the scope of this project. But making these models drivable would be a heck of a lot of fun!

Is there any chance you could allow users to input whatever resolution they wanted, provided it's either 4:3 or 16:9? I have a 1600x1200 monitor

There should be a settings window that pops up when you start the game that lets you set your resolution. What OS are you using?

I get the resolution window, I just want the ability to set my own custom resolution that ins't in the list.

I don't think that's possible in the Unity setting, and I don't think it's possible to enable without modifying the Unity source code which I do not have access to and is out of the scope for a small project like this. Apologies!

this is cool! shame there's no world driver championship models but that game is currently impossible to emulate for some strange reasons

World Driver Championship isn't impossible to emulate, GLideN64 has had support for like 1-2 years

There's also a model ripping tool for the game


Dude, this is really, really awesome. Seeing again the car I used to race with in SFR 2049 was so nostalgic. Thanks for this! Awesome preservation project!


Same here! I didn't notice the Rush cars initially and when I turned around to see them I got all emotional! Definitely my most played game on the N64. What a wonderful project!


This looks fantastic. We'd love to interview you for Retro Gamer magazine if you're interested.

I'd be delighted to, what's the best way I can get in contact?


A wonderful idea, thanks for putting the work into making this!

Both idea and execution.

Tried launching the mac build but it insists that it's not compatible with Catalina...


Apple requires developers to have a $100 a year developer account so that whatever they produce is compatible with Catalina and the latest OS version. I unfortunately cannot do this right now. You can try this method to get around gatekeeper. https://www.imore.com/how-open-apps-anywhere-macos-catalina-and-mojave

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Oh wow yikes that sucks. Gave the workaround a go but it still doesn't want to launch. Thanks for trying to help, still excited to fire this up on my windows machine whenever I eventually get to return home.

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I'd be more than happy to build this for Mac using my Apple Dev account and Unity. It's a great project. Get me at wjurica [at] gigabitgames [dot] com


Any chance for a linux version?


I'm working on one but unity is being weird and I have to upgrade the project to a new version of unity as the one i'm using has just decided it doesn't want to export to linux. I'll leave a reply when that's resolved, probably tomorrow.


Fixed the problem and made a Linux version!


yay! thank you!

I'm really keen to play this and love the concept, but it seems like it crashed on startup. The application generated a crash report - would it be useful if I send that your way? 

Uh oh! yeah that sucks. If there's a way you can send it my way please do.


Sent you an email from my personal account with the crash dump and info. Hope it helps!


Ok, holy crap, I love this!

I love game educational stuff like this, wish there were more devs out there who made museums like this. It's awesome that you walked through your process of getting the models and what not. You were even kind enough to tell some tips on how stuff were made back in the day, like the shimmer effect was just a duplicated render model.

HYDRO THUNDER! Nearly screamed with joy once i saw those models, not gonna lie, XD

Over all, nicely done, thanks for making this!


This is freakin' awesome!

As an aside, I'm curious which games crashed when you tried to export the visual data. I'd love to see some of the models from World Driver Championship.


Yep, that game crashed as well as all the Cruizin games and Re-Volt. It's a shame i couldn't get everything in but i tried with just about every game that worked.


Ah, I see. Unfortunate, but at least you did get a lot of great games in there representing a wide range of racing styles!


ohhhhhhh so thats why :( Cruisn' USA was the only car game I had (I'm not considering mario kart) from the only 3 games I had lol

I wrote a tool some time ago for extracting car models from WDC: http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/1269/

How do extract gt64 champioship models have correct plugin